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Hotel Jobs In Dubai

To say that the hotel industry in Dubai is booming is an understatement. The job opportunities there are dazzling, that is why finding hotel jobs in Dubai is an undertaking that thousands of people in various countries are not only willing but eager to do.

This Middle Eastern emirate is fast becoming one of the most popular business and leisure destinations in the world, with ongoing construction of all kinds of buildings, from offices to hotels. The most prominent example of such real estate development is Dubailand, a leisure and entertainment mega-complex that will contain theme parks, shopping malls, and hotels.

Expats or foreigners comprise the majority of employees in many industries in Dubai, including the hospitality sector. If you are attracted to the idea of working in a world-class hotel in this bustling country, here are five things to keep in mind to increase your chances of landing a hotel job in Dubai.

1. Browse the classified ads and listings to see which hotels have job openings. The classified ads or employment agencies usually list information about what a job entails, the working hours involved, remuneration or salary, and fringe benefits.

2. You can look for a job in different departments of a hotel. For instance, a hotel’s catering or restaurant department might need an executive chef, headwaiters, waiters, and kitchen porters. Or you might find job vacancies in a hotel’s hospitality service department for positions such as hotel manager, banquet manager, housekeeper, concierge, porter, and gardener. Lower-level jobs pay less than management positions, but the gratuities or tips that an employee like a chamber maid or waiter receives more than make up for the salary on record.

3. Once you narrow down your list of desired hotel positions, evaluate your educational and professional qualifications. Some junior-level positions may not require applicants to have a college degree while others specifically call for a diploma or certificate in disciplines such as hotel and restaurant management. Also, keep in mind that high-level positions like executive chef or hotel manager require you to have at least a few years’ experience in a similar capacity.